Limited editions infrared panels

Beautiful warmth makes you feel good

Limited editions

The value of a personal touch

The Special Ones heating panels are designed by our creators and are offered in Limited Editions. Warmth, comfort and a unique addition to your interior, which also saves energy. Win-win-win… win!

Beautiful warmth

In every way

The Special Ones X Invroheat heating panels: where high technology, innovation, comfort, creativity and style come together. A new, special and sustainable way of heating, with a unique and creative design.


A smarter way of heating

With infrared heating panels from The Special Ones, we offer special constructions that allow you as an (sport)association, store, or hospitality venue to create a unique ambiance, fully tailored to your brand, style, and vision. At the same time, you benefit from the advantages of infrared heating panels, which will undoubtedly save you costs!

Healty warmth

for kids

The Special Ones heating panels: specially designed for our little ones! Infrared heating panels provide clean and healthy warmth, contributing to the well-being, comfort, health, and safety of your children. The kids' heating panels are available in unique designs that suit you, your children, and the interior of the kids' room.


become a special one

Are you bursting with creativity and can you already imagine how you can enriching someone's interior with one of your unique designs? Join The Special Ones and, in collaboration with our partner Vorm & Gever, make a special and sustainable product such as a heating panel even more special with your own 'personal touch’. Not only can you share your creativity with a broad audience, but with a unique design for a heating panel, you also contribute to sustainability and thus a better world. Do you have a great idea for a completely different product and would love to share it with us? We would be delighted! Let us know, we would love to discuss it with you. We are looking forward to a wonderful collaboration!


Proud of our partners who help us harness creativity for products, brands and society.


Are you an entrepreneur and in need of a creative addition to your product, innovative idea on your service or a fresh look at your brand? Get in touch with us!

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